Les Misérables

The Wasps

A Wasps' Nest, with Catherine Lafontaine - This was a remarkable group. (multiple pairings; NC-17; off-site)
Charming - One student befriends another. (Enjolras/Combeferre)
Bourgogne - A toast to friendship. (Courfeyrac/Feuilly, G ficlet + NC-17 drabble)
Secret Guilty Pleasure - Drabble. Confessions between siblings.
Subversive - Drabble. A pleasing symmetry.
A Vapor - Drabble. Ladies' night out.
Baise-moi - Drabble. Pre-lewd. (Bahorel/Courfeyrac)
Warm Droplets - Drabble. Love is gentle, love is kind. (Bossuet/Prouvaire)

Fleurs du Something or Other

Preliminary Gaiety - Combeferre settles for second best. (Combeferre/Grantaire)
Distraction - "I caught myself saying, "Je t'aime," as we were dozing off for the second time."
Losses - Combeferre betrayed.
Patience - For your heart's desire, almost anything is a small price to pay.
Damned If You Don't - Drabble. Combeferre does not push his luck. (Combeferre/Grantaire; R)


Five Things That Never Happened To Ariel Enjolras - What it says.
Five Things That Never Happened To Jean Prouvaire - Ditto.
Wedding Night - Drabble. Another thing that never happened. (Feuilly/Courfeyrac)
Elysium - Drabble. Grecian holiday. (Enjolras/Combeferre)


Just Causes - Feuilly considers his situation. (Feuilly/Courfeyrac)
Doggerel - Bossuet is evicted from the House of Falling Tiles. (Bossuet/Prouvaire; R)
May - With Echo. A peculiar correspondence. (Prouvaire/Gillenormand; G)
Rest and Relaxation - Combeferre prescribes a cure for loneliness and frustration and dispenses it to Feuilly. (Combeferre/Feuilly; R)
Persuasion - Enjolras finds himself in the wrong place. (Courfeyrac/Enjolras; R)
Hardly Ever - Hypothetical situations. (Bahorel/Marius; NC-17)
There once was an old man named Luc - A series of limericks about M. Gillenormand.
Dins Ton Pais Tornaras - (Enjolras/Grantaire; R)
Deviations - Four drabbles. Sins and atonements. (various; NC-17)
Liberté - Drabble. No one can be free all the time. (Enjolras/Grantaire; R)
Rhythm and Meter - Drabble. Prouvaire's impromptu verses are always apropos. (Prouvaire/Combeferre; NC-17)
Romantic Poetry - Drabble. Frivolous pastimes.(Enjolras/Prouvaire)
Man's Inhumanity To Man - Drabble. One can only carry on an argument for so long. (Enjolras/Bahorel)
Indiscrete - Drabble. Better than nothing. (Courfeyrac/Grantaire)
Unto You a Child Is Born - Drabble. Christmas in Paris.
Lines - Drabble. A gift and an inspiration. (Feuilly/Courfeyrac; G)
Wreathed In Myrtle, with Catherine Lafontaine - A daring revolutionary plot is only the beginning. (Enjolras/m, Enjolras/Grantaire; WiP, R; off-site)

Horatio Hornblower

Nomine Tuo - Drabble. If you're doing it right... (Hornblower/Kennedy)
Dulce et Decorum Est - Drabble. An exercise in self-control. (Hornblower/Pellew)
Rules of the Game - Drabble. Special congratulations are in order. (Hornblower/Kennedy, litfic)
Bestias Ingleses - Drabble. Guards don't ask what goes on in the cells. (Hornblower/Kennedy)
"Ha -- h'm." - Drabble. Communication is key. Or not. (Hornblower/Bush)
Sodium Chloride - Drabble. Inconveniences shared are inconveniences halved. (Hornblower/Kennedy)
Nereus - Drabble. Observations at bathtime. (Hornblower/Bush)
St. Elmo's Fire - Drabble. A reckless impulse. (Hornblower/Foster)
A Gentleman of Some Renown - Snippets. Famous imaginary sailor, quasi-Irish sidekick, castle in Spain. An attempt at Hornblower after the style of O'Brian.
Nasty, Brutish, and Short / Holy, Holy, Holy - Two linked drabbles: The story of a mad sea captain and the seaman who loved him. (Sawyer/Hobbs; PG)

Good Omens

Paradise by the Dashboard Light - Riding in cars with angels.
The Base Earth - Drabble. Aziraphale indulges himself.
The Happiness I Seek - Drabble. Crossover with Neverwhere.
To Sleep... - Drabble. How Crowley spent the 19th century. Crossover with Sandman.

The Dark Is Rising

Thought and Memory - Drabble. Bran dreams. Spoilers for 'Silver On The Tree'.
Patrimony - Drabble. Owen Davies does what he can. Spoilery.

Diana Wynne Jones

Green Flash At Sunset - [Dogsbody] Drabble. "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day..."
Frigga's Tears - [Eight Days of Luke] Drabble. Household hazards.

CJ Cherryh

Would you like to see my etchings? - [Cyteen] Drabble. Echoes.
To the Life - [Cyteen] An offer he can't refuse.
Mirror, Mirror - [Cyteen] Drabble. It's all to do again.
Right-hand Man - [Fortress in the Eye of Time] Drabble. Uwen and Tristen, in the wee hours.
The Good One - [Fortress in the Eye of Time] Drabble. Choosing sides.


Fraternité - [A Song of Ice And Fire] A brotherly reunion. Spoilers up to 'Storm of Swords'.
Vehicle-for-getting-places-across-water - [Discworld/Aubrey-Maturin] A fragmentary crossover.
Whiskers - [American Gods] Drabble. Bast sunbathes.
Melody, Harmony, Descant - [Oppressed Fandom of Dracophiles] Drabble. All grown up.
Remnants - [Harry Potter] Drabble. A shoebox of memories. Spoilers for 'Order of the Phoenix'.
Ululation - [Harry Potter] Drabble. Strange bedfellows.