Singin' In The Rain

Sotto Voce - A chance encounter. (Kathy/Lena; R)
Untitled - Cosmo celebrates Valentine's Day. (Don/Cosmo)
And What a Lovely Morning - Drabble. Kathy is a nice girl. (Don/Cosmo/Kathy)
Careful Accounting - Drabble. Tickyboxes come to Hollywood.


A Death in the Family - In which Mr. Brown meets a girl who looks like Tori Amos. Crossover with Sandman.
Everything Will Be All Right - Six drabbles. And happy ever after. (They wish.)
Sweet and Trim - Drabble. "I think he sets the trends / I think, in fact, I'll marry him."
Laugh, Touch, Drink, Screw - Drabble. Reality is subjective.
Always Bravely Acquiesce - Drabble. A public service announcement.
What about chromosomes? - Drabble. Whatever the song.
Someone with whom you have an affinity - Drabble. Thankfully short, thankfully short, thankfully short -- like Marvin!

Sweeney Todd

Always Had a Fondness - [Sweeney Todd] Mrs Lovett's first trade allows her sufficient time to reflect on the charms of her neighbor, Benjamin Barker.
Penny Dreadful - [Sweeney Todd] Drabble. In time, her eyes lost their sanity.


Waiting for the Girls Upstairs - [Follies] Drabble. Stalling as long as we dare.
Trinity - [Into the Woods] Drabble. Blood magic.