The Base Earth

[The first line comes from 'Season of Mists,' which is Chapter IV of Sandman, penned by none other than Neil Gaiman. I shortened it for my own purposes. The characters mentioned belong to him, and to Terry Pratchett, and decidedly not to me.]

The feet of angels never touch the base earth. They glide along, suspended by the buoyancy of their own matter.

Aziraphale made a conscious decision one morning in Greece. It was a rainy day and the children were playing, happily and innocently splashing each other. Such bliss could not be a sin.

He fell three millimeters and greatly enjoyed the feeling of mud, however base, between his toes, and later, soft grass underfoot. The first time he walked in the rain with Crowley and quite deliberately drenched the demon's trousers, Crowley's expression made up for the nagging suspicion of guilt.

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