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Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson/Bruce Wayne (Batgirl/Robin/Batman)
The arms I love the best - Silver Age
Rolling in fullest pride
Dick gets to Bruce's room just in time to see Babs sit on his lap and kiss him.

More than to lead
Babs picks up a towel and tosses it to Dick when he gets out of the hot tub, too. "Jeez, look at your fingers, Prune Wonder."

The earth's sweet being
"We're presenting a façade of normality. That's all."

Barbara/Dick/Kory Anders (Oracle/Nightwing/Starfire)
Bursting fruitage - Outsiders
When Oracle has a problem, she consults with the experts in the field.

Barbara/Dinah Lance (Oracle/Black Canary)
SWF seeks - Birds of Prey
Are there any rooms in the world you don't have bugged?

Barbara/Kon (Oracle/Superboy)
Both alike in dignity - Teen Titans v3
When you're moving, you might as well call in the strongest guy around who doesn't have much to do with his time. Oracle has quite the Rolodex of them.

Barbara/Ted Kord (Oracle/Blue Beetle)
A/S/L - Birds of Prey before #19
Information is the only currency that matters.

Bruce Wayne
Metrosexual - drabble
Bruce and his true love.

Bruce/Clark Kent (Batman/Superman)
Look in these eyes - Superman/Batman
What he feels is, as ever, concealed behind the sign of the Bat. // The S-shield is, in such circumstances, misdirection at its finest.

The light in your eyes - drabble - Return of Superman
You can't kill Superman.

Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson (Batman/Nightwing or Batman/Robin)
How to Marry a Millionaire - With [info] jamjar
A bird in the hand - AU from Nightwing #100
Bruce Wayne, playboy millionaire, has a taste for the exotic.

Pay No Attention / Moonlighting
"In Gotham City's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Major Crimes Unit. These are their stories." / Stolen mornings and moments make for an odd affaire du coeur.

Suppliant on your curious knees
More than anything else, he wants to throw his mask at Bruce and demand an honest conversation.

Cockles and Mussels - Bruce/Dick/Clark
Malone winks at Dick. "Let me be your sugar daddy for a minute, kiddo." / A perfect evening. Of course, as soon as Bruce thinks that, there's a heavy hand on his shoulder, and an intensely earnest voice saying, "Bruce. Are you all right?"
DVD Commentary

Liminal spaces
And despite a few minor inconveniences, they were all quite content.

Which must remain unaltered
He doesn't actually look six years younger in the mirror when he's fully dressed, but it feels as though he should.

The only immortality - Year One: Scarecrow
The secret of durable pigments
There are rules about this in Bruce's head, just as there are rules for everything.
DVD Commentary Part 1 and Part 2

Prophetic sonnets
This is an excellent way to convince someone to lie to you.

Aurochs and angels
They say early exposure to a stimulus is what creates a fetish.

One sock (not in continuity)
It's not like flights of bat-angels show up to sing.

The refuge of art
Dick is leaving. He can't leave, and he has to leave, and he's not going anywhere, yet.
DVD Commentary

Simple noble-winged seraphs - Bruce/Jason Todd
The weird vibes come more along the lines of wanting a hug than any thug in Gotham would believe.

And now you know
Some things don't change.

In the minds of later generations - Nightwing #98
Dick drops his suitcase on the floor next to Bruce's bed at six in the morning and says, "I let her shoot Blockbuster."

Hábito del alma - Golden/Silver Age
Cortado a su medida
Everything Dick has ever done with Bruce has made him better in some way or another.

Escrito 'stá en su alma
Batman and Robin battle Ra's al Ghul and his daughter, the mysterious and alluring Talia, for life, liberty, and the right to pursue happiness! Who will win? Will they ever see America again?

Vuestro gesto
Maybe that was counterproductive, but can we do it again?

Por vos he de morir
The chance to learn something new from Bruce is always wonderful.

Sino para quereros
Bruce has to be very careful about what he says to Dick.

See also: Everything Spring , Three red words

Attempting to stare
It's taken a long time for Dick to realize that a sexual relationship with Bruce isn't going to make anything better between them, but he's made up his mind.

Whatever you've done - post-Nightwing #114 AU
The Renegade days are over, but everything isn't back to normal yet.

À la recherche de la honte perdue - Golden Age
Some people attend costume parties dressed as Batman and Robin. Batman and Robin have to branch out a little farther to find their niche.

The remembering wine - 6 years after Dark Victory
There are two nights a year when Dick has wine with dinner, and both times it serves to underscore how bittersweet history can be.

Little boy blue - Toonverse
Bruce puts his hand on Dick's knee but before he can ask "What?" or "Why?" or even just, "Bruce?" Bruce is kissing him like they've done it a thousand times and he hasn't been there to kiss in a year.

From sky to earth - Regency AU
A young man seeks his guardian's permission to marry.

Dilate in spirit - Set post-Infinite Crisis, AU
The voices in his ear are the same as ever, though here, in this city, he can't quite stop himself from responding to any call beginning with "Robin."

Can you imagine a sorrier sight - Uber, early 1900s
Every era has its crusade and its crusaders.

One quarter so well - Toonverse
"You quit," says the voice on the other end of the phone, and it's a familiar voice. It's older, more amused than effusive, but Bruce still reacts to it.

You'll be older too - Silver Age
Bruce has to say "I love you" in a song. Dick responds in verse. (for a badfic challenge)

So unlike a wife - Silver Age
Robin hates crossdressing for justice, but he can understand the necessity in certain situations.

Safe and Sane - Nightwing #100
It's for perverts and people who don't actually have enough danger in their lives already.

A Soul inslav'd so many wayes - drabbles
Various diabolical masterminds hit on soulbonds as the premiè re offensive weapon.

And I remain umoved, and yet (Story #5 of Three red words )
Dick learned his resolve from Bruce.

Bruce/Harvey Dent (Batman/Two Face)
When it alteration finds - Toonverse
What this is, and what this isn't -- it's not a kiss, it's a punch.

Ambitions - drabble
"You know how everybody asks kids what they want to be when they grow up?"

In the air - drabble
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

See not what they see - Pre-Infinite Crisis
It's not every day you get to celebrate being yourself again, Harv.

Bruce/Jason Todd (Batman/Robin II or Batman/Red Hood)
Simple noble-winged seraphs (Part of The only immortality)
The weird vibes come more along the lines of wanting a hug than any thug in Gotham would believe.

Keep my mind on my duties Pre-'A Death in the Family'
How many more times do we have to play this kind of game before I get to be Robin for real?

A Soul inslav'd so many wayes - drabbles Various
Various diabolical masterminds hit on soulbonds as the premiè re offensive weapon.

In pace - drabble
It could be a lot worse.

Nor any other part belonging to a man - drabble - Nightwing OYL
It has nothing at all to do with Jason's resurrection.

See also: Everything Spring

Bruce/Jason/Clark (Batman/Robin II/Superman)
Clean as a washed stone - Pre-'A Death in the Family'
Gotham can be pretty rough, even on metahumans.

Bruce/Selina Kyle (Batman/Catwoman)
One Lucky Kitty - drabble - Distant future
The last will and testament was mercifully, if inexplicably, short.

So unlike a wife - Silver Age
Robin hates crossdressing for justice, but he can understand the necessity in certain situations.

Bruce/Stephanie Brown (Batman/Robin IV)
Expectations upon employment - drabble - Robin: Unmasked
She looks like a pin-up, posing on the hood of the car, red and green and blonde on black, black, black.

And lo, it is day (Story #6 of Three red words )
He considers redesigning her uniform to erase some of the similarities with Tim's.

Bruce/Tim Drake (Batman/Robin III; toonverse Batman/Robin II)
Inheritance - Robin #134
Tim tries to be in control of his emotions all the time. When he fails, the results are seldom subtle.
DVD Commentary

Take Our Kids To Work Day - Toonverse
Tim would rather visit Bruce in the office than go to school, any day of the week.
DVD Commentary

Ensheathed invulnerable with me - Post-'War Games'
The boy is trembling, angry and afraid, but Bruce won't let him leave yet.

Fret full sore (part of Everything Spring)
On occasion, Batman needs a Robin.

Enter as you please - Comicsverse post 'War Games'/Toonverse
It's getting to the point where Tim wants Bruce to get dressed just so his face makes sense.

Hand-me-down - Robin miniseries
I'm not a judge. And you're not innocent.

See also: Everything Spring

Bruce/Terry McGinnis - Batman Beyond
Clear boundaries - drabble
What everyone thinks about Terry McGinnis.

Very bad boy - drabble
"So if I was Robin, what would be different?"

Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown (Batgirl II/Spoiler or Batgirl/Robin IV)
If you're on fire - Post-Robin: Unmasked
She can see it now -- Batgirl and Spoiler, taking down the hardened, nasty thugs of Blüdhaven, saving the city from itself, quick and fast and partners -- because Nightwing didn't have one, and it might make all the difference.

Cassie Sandsmark/Cissie King-Jones (Wonder Girl II/Arrowette)
Over the line - Teen Titans v3
Straight as an arrow, says her brain, and then she laughs.
DVD Commentary

Too easy - Teen Titans v3
I'm sure he's sure he did his best.

Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Richard White
A beautiful swan - Superman Returns

Sharing is caring - drabbles, threesomes
There are distinct benefits to having an open marriage, not merely for the couple involved, but for their special friends.

Clark/Dick (Superman/Robin or Superman/Nightwing)
(See also: How to Marry a Millionaire)
In loco parentis - Nightwing: Year One
The problem is that Dick hasn't got anyone else to be. Yet.

As far as he is able - 'Legends of the DCU #6'
"Come to Metropolis. I'll make it up to you."

Clark/Dick/Tim Drake
See To be awakened

Clark/Kon (Superman/Superboy)
Ground glass - Teen Titans v3
A brief interlude of sheer Kryptonian lust, of the very inappropriate and wrong sort.

The Talk - Teen Titans v3
Someday Kon's going to get a full list of the developmental superstuff that Superman went through, and then he'll be all the way prepared for everything that could possibly happen to him.

A helping hand - sequel to 'The Talk'
Superman's floating there doing the "living embodiment of All-American values" thing like he's never ever stuck his fingers up his clone's ass.

My utmost art I prove (cowritten with Betty and Zee) - Teen Titans v3
There has to be some way to be better than Superman at something. Kon's sure of it.

Clark/Tim (Superman/Robin III)
To be awakened
The uses of my soul - Robin: A Hero Reborn
Every time he sees Clark, Tim has to remind himself it's not Superman.

To wake and be free - Robin: Unmasked
There is a long list of people Tim expects he'll never be able to see again.

Until the day is born - Post-'War Games'
Tim doesn't want to be someone who wants this, but he is.

Never be cold again
Tim can feel himself losing all the control he's been fighting for.

Ask for less - Dick/Tim
It might be easier if Tim could actually stop having facial expressions.

The attempt to rise - Clark/Dick/Tim
Tim could doubtless request the audio feed, but -- looking at that expression on Dick's face when Clark nibbles his ear -- it would be redundant.

See also: Everything Spring , Three red words

Able to leap tall buildings - Toonverse
"Faster than a speeding bullet, huh?"

Catch-22 - Toonverse
I'll never get away from you, even if you told me to.

Take these broken wings - drabble - Post-'War Games'
Heroes seldom work alone.

Long for another island - No Man's Land
Jack Drake has friends in entirely too many high places.

Your times of pleasure - Post-'Superman/Batman #7'
Tim can spot him all the way across the newspaper offices just from the shape of his jaw.

Finds fault with my translations - drabble - Post-'Superman/Batman #7'
The syllables of Kryptonian sound strange in a human's throat.

Most humble and obedient - Sequel to Te's And never do prove true
Superman and Robin exchange notes.

Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon (Nightwing/Oracle)
A Soul inslav'd so many wayes - drabbles
Various diabolical masterminds hit on soulbonds as the premiè re offensive weapon.

Dick/Cass/Steph (Nightwing/Batgirl II/Robin IV)
Taking a breather - Robin: Unmasked
On a rooftop in Gotham, Batgirl and Robin make Nightwing a proposition.

Busco tu mirada entre tantas miradas - drabble - Post-'War Games'
It's very rare that someone is dead *and* gone in Gotham.

Dick/Donna Troy/Roy Harper (Robin/Wonder Girl/Speedy)
What a movement is - Teen Titans v1
It feels very strange with the brassiè re that she's expected to wear in Man's World.

Dick/Helena Bertinelli (Nightwing/Huntress)
Cerco te, chiamo te - Nightwing #112
It's not easy to give her a nice courtly bow with the crutch, but he does it anyway.

Dick/himself (Nightwing/Robin)
Shortpants - Nightwing / Silver Age
Holy dopplegŠnger, Batman!

Dick/Jason Todd (Nightwing/Robin II)
Gonna forget that just happened - Nightwing: Year One
When Dick catches up to him, it's not a big deal to take out the not-Robin.

Biological imperative - drabble - Pre-'A Death in the Family'
Jason knows damn well he'll never get the balls to ask.

Dick/Jim Gordon
Invariable - Robin: Year One
The bitter truth about Gotham police.

Dick/Kory (Nightwing/Starfire)
And fragrant from the feast, behold - Three red words story #9
He does not invite the kiss as he once might have, with open smile and open heart, but it is the same quick-kindling heat she remembers from years spent in his company.

Dick/Roy (Robin/Speedy or Nightwing/Arsenal)
In a trice - Teen Titans v1
Speedy and Robin and a Batmobile.

Not quite a sleepover (sequel to 'In a trice')
Teen-agers doing naughty teen-ager things.

GraysonCam - a drabble and a silly thing, with Jamjar - Outsiders
Dick thinks of the cameras the way other people think of hugs.

Childhood Sweethearts - 2 drabbles - Teen Titans v1
Harmless and cute.

Homemade Volcanoes - Teen Titans v1
How Robin and Speedy completely failed to win first prize at the Des Moines, Iowa Science Fair.

Thick and thin - Outsiders
Lian has two daddies.

And y'ain't no friend of mine - drabble - New Teen Titans
This just screams, 'Give me a hickey.'

Dick/Roy/Kory (Nightwing/Arsenal/Starfire)
An Immaterial Fire - Outsiders
It is not precisely fair -- the word is "two-timing," and she learned it, as she learned so many words, from Dick's lips. But she calls Roy, knowing that.

Dick/Roy/Slade Wilson (Nightwing/Arsenal/Deathstroke)
Instructions of truth and nature - Nightwing #114 AU
It wasn't hard to track Slade back to Dick's apartment, which should've been Roy's first clue that there was something wrong.

Dick/Slade (Nightwing/Deathstroke)
Mao - New Teen Titans
The rules keep changing.

Dick/Tim (Nightwing/Robin III)
Wonder Boys
Tim is just like the other little brother Dick's never had, except for the obsession, the shared history of violence, and the sex.

Can't just watch forever - Nightwing
Brotherly love of the best and most understanding sort involves knowing when someone needs a good push in the right direction.

I thought she liked me - Birds of Prey
A prospective member of the Birds of Prey has to go through a trial period. This is how it goes.

Thigmotropism - Nightwing
A propensity to react, in which contact with a solid or rigid surface is the orienting factor.

Theory into practice - Prodigal
One can learn many things by sidekicking for the right person.

Little brother (125 words) - Nightwing
Just a picture of one.

Talking without speaking - Post-'War Games'
All of the questions go unasked.

Tell someone you trust - drabble - Pre-'Nightwing: Year One'
Tim knows how to keep important secrets.

Very Special Episode - Nightwing
There are lots of things about Tim that make Dick a little uncomfortable with himself.

I'm only anti-work - drabble - Nightwing
And look how sorry I am, Officer.

Second law of thermodynamics - No Man's Land
The total entropy of any isolated thermodynamic system tends to increase over time, approaching a maximum value.

See also: Everything Spring, To be awakened

Not just a peck on the cheek - drabbles, RobinKisses - Various
Nine kisses.

Grace Choi/Roy Harper (Grace/Arsenal)
A good teammate - Outsiders
"Jesus, you need to get laid," he says to his reflection.

Jason Todd/Kon (Red Hood/Superboy)
All cats are grey - Teen Titans v3 / Under the Hood
You gotta dance with the one that brung you.
DVD Commentary

Jason/Roy Harper (Robin II/Speedy)
Initiation rite - Post-'Nightwing: Year One'
The new Robin has to learn how to be a sidekick from someone. Nightwing volunteers Speedy.

Jason/Stephanie Brown (Robin II/Spoiler)
As if it's real - Post-'Nightwing: Year One'
"So you're the girl who sent the note about the Cluemaster," Robin says, putting his hands on his hips.

Jason/Tim Drake (Robin II/Robin III)
Everything Spring - Jason/Tim (and friends) - Post-'Nightwing: Year One'
Look around round (by Te)
"I'll tell *Batman* on you, you freak."

To the end of the town
If people go down to the end of the town, well, what can anyone do?

A saying old (by Te)
"I will *totally* be your best vigilante friend."

Already your heart had answered - Dick/Jason/Tim
Three Robins. No waiting. No shame.

Began to sing - Bruce/Dick/Jason/Tim
It's not like Dick is a good babysitter.

With a red hat
"Actually, it's eggplant."

Fret full sore - Bruce/Tim
On occasion, Batman needs a Robin.

Triple-dip double-dog dare - Tim/Clark
"Come on, Red, it's just Superman."

Three red words
And light of foot, and unconfined - AU of Nightwing #93
Not that anything's safe from Oracle, or really from Batman if she's working with him.

And the sun, its passionate face (by [info] thete1 )
The varying methods -- and meanings -- of belonging.

And flings an oath, but says no more
She smiles and says, "Hey, boss," like he's all suited up and grim as normal.

And you are sane, demur
Gotham was home.

And I remain umoved, and yet - Bruce/Dick
Dick learned his resolve from Bruce.

And lo, it is day - Bruce/Steph
He considers redesigning her uniform to erase some of the similarities with Tim's.

And sang a kindred soul out to his face, yet human
Superboy puts his hands in his pockets. "He'd beat me at any argument and convince me he had the right idea until my brain kicked in, and -- they're -- they're hurting people."

And throwing it away, and making more (by [info] thete1 )
"I think I'm going to need you to talk about it."

And fragrant from the feast, behold - Dick/Kory
He does not invite the kiss as he once might have, with open smile and open heart, but it is the same quick-kindling heat she remembers from years spent in his company.

And whence do they rise, these cycles of changes
"I've got a clown problem."

C'est la faute ˆ Rousseau - AU (with Betty) - Robin: A Hero Reborn
Part of Tim's training as Robin is with Lady Shiva, world-renowned assassin, but her history is shrouded. Some rumors say that she has a partner named The Fox.

Jason/Tim - Superman Returns crossover
One more thing - double drabble
Promise me you'll keep off the main plane routes.

Kara/Brainiac (The currently extant Supergirl/Brainiac)
Trojan horse - drabbles - Supergirl arc of Superman/Batman
Betty said, "I'm not coming back until you write my favourite pairing, Brainiac/Kara Zor-El!"

Roy Harper (Arsenal)
She never was his mom - Arsenal miniseries
Not even for a moment.

Tumult of a thousand wings - Pre-Outsiders
Roy gets a mysterious phonecall and bizarre instructions. This story will self-destruct in 10 seconds.

Tim Drake
Sexualized Dominance Behavior Version with annotations and attributions (with Jack and Te)
Tim answers the question, "Have you... have you ever had your face pressed to the dirt and, you know, your ass in the air?" in many ways.

Tim Drake/Cassandra Cain (Robin III/Batgirl II)
Presence and absence - Between Batgirl #59 and #60
"I miss her, too," he says, with every inch of his body, and much more quietly aloud.
DVD Commentary

Diverting Attention (4 Color Heroines) - Batgirl, after #59
Lady Shiva visits Blüdhaven and gives her former students a lesson.

Tim/Kon (Robin III/Superboy)
Excerpt from the journal of S. Brown - Timfinity - World Without Young Justice AU
It figures that the day I'm working with SuperHorndog, Poison Ivy shows up. At least she can't affect me. Yay being a girl!

Monsters in the closet - Teen Titans v3
Kon finds a couple of things that creep him out. Tim doesn't want to talk about it.

Important criteria - Young Justice
Everybody has a type. Or, at least, Kon does, and Tim might.

A helping hand (See the Clark/Kon section for details)

Once More, With Feeling - One Year Later
Tim knows that what he's doing isn't entirely ethical. He also knows that's not going to stop him.

'Til the break of day - Teen Titans v3
Kon lands on the roof of the Titans Tower.

A Soul inslav'd so many wayes - drabbles - Teen Titans v3
Various diabolical masterminds hit on soulbonds as the premiè re offensive weapon.

Yesterdays have lighted fools - Teen Titans v3
Kon develops telepathy.

Diverting Attention (4 Color Heroines) - Batgirl, after #59
Lady Shiva visits Blüdhaven and gives her former students a lesson.

Tim/Stephanie Brown (Robin III/Spoiler or Robin III/Robin IV)
Excerpt from the journal of S. Brown - Timfinity - World Without Young Justice AU
It figures that the day I'm working with SuperHorndog, Poison Ivy shows up. At least she can't affect me. Yay being a girl!

Presence and absence - Between Batgirl #59 and #60
"I miss her, too," he says, with every inch of his body, and much more quietly aloud.
DVD Commentary

Will you be me when I'm gone? - Robin: Unmasked
Steph goes to Blüdhaven seeking advice on how to deal with Batman from Nightwing, who is either the best possible or worst possible source of that form of assistance.
DVD Commentary

Give me my sin again - drabble - One Year Later
Tim wakes up naked with a headache.

Tim Hunter/Molly
Matrices of half-tone dots (Comica Obscura) - Books of Magic
Barbatos takes care of him so well, with trinkets and new rooms added on every day, that he wants for nothing in the way of material goods except for Molly.

Sparrowhawk: Pre-Crisis Jason Todd in Supreme Power
It's Sparrowhawk, Silly! - With Holli
Nighthawk is an angry black man. Jason Todd is a blond gymnast with a lot of energy. Together, they fight crime!

Adventures in cosmetics
Since Sparrowhawk doesn't dye his hair --

The A Train

But in my arms
"You need a *hug.*"

Sweet Sixteen - slash
Jason has always been invested in rituals and rites of passage.

Your colors everywhere (sequel to 'Sweet Sixteen')
Jay knows it's secretly cuddling.

We hard-faced creatures
They're in a shadowed corner. Enough that no one is actually going to see the slap-up Jason insists on.

Supreme Power: Mark Milton/Kyle Hammond (Hyperion/Nighthawk)
Hard as iron
Hyperion and/or Nighthawk ...huddle for warmth.

Sleeping until the fading light - Batman/Bat Boy crossover - AU
Batman takes in a boy whose parents turned him out and trains him to be the next Robin.

A Death in the Family - Sandman / Falsettos crossover
It would have been canasta, but it's not exactly traditional.

Sandman Crossover drabble - AU
Brain Hurting Fanfic Pairer drabbles

Smile, darn ya, smile - Post Teen Titans #20
Tim's had enough hurt lately. It's time for some industrial-strength comfort, guaranteed to cause diabetic shock.

And besides, the wench is dead - drabble - Post-'War Games'
Tim knows he has no right to look into this database.

Pretty Soldier Magical Robin - Young Justice
"So the other day I was watching TV and there was this show about this girl who fought crime and evil and stuff with her friends and every time they attacked people they yelled the name of their attack and I think we should all have things we yell when we attack."

Crowd Control (4 Color Heroines)
Ms. Bertinelli, alias "Huntress," contemplates the complicated aspects of her quotidian existence.

A great and shattering loss - Teen Titans v3 Future AU
"The bulbs are full spectrum." Tim holds up his hand. "I've got all the vitamin D I need."

Missed connection - drabble - Robin: Unmasked
Other than that dumb gaming stuff?

Every night but one - Role Reversal AU
I don't know how to be a good dad.

To Anacreon in Heaven (Remix)- AU Jason and Tim
There are things Robin can't say in front of his mentor, but Batman's partner really needs to hear them.

Squandered my resistance (Comica Obscura) - Nightwing: Year One
Fighting crime in Gotham requires many ethical compromises.

The enemy of my enemy - Jason and Harvey during 52
Everyone needs a Robin, whether or not they know it yet.

Of all in this masquerade - Silver Age and Nightwing #114; Roy, Dick, and Babs
"Nice to meet you," she says, and the smile in her eyes makes him shiver.

What goes around - drabble, Spoiler II - Post-'War Games'
Everything old is new again, One Year Later.

In your philosophy - Batman Begins movieverse
The tires have no resale value.

Fog over the north - Superman, 1963
There is a fundamental difference between being a hero and being a god.

Personal effects - Batman, post-Crisis on Infinite Earths
Robins leave a lot of things behind.

Burn like cities in your wake - Red Hood
Jason gets birthday presents from the family.