There once was an old man named Luc

There once was an old man named Luc
Thought monarchy a horrid fluke
But when faced with a duchess
'Twas all of a muchness
Her cleavage was beyond rebuke.

This elderly gent, Luc-Esprit,
Filled the duchess's evenings with glee
Her petticoats rustled
As the pair bustled
Driving out old-age ennui.

In carriage and chambers they cuddled
'Til the servants belowstairs were huddled.
Both Nicole and Basque
Took the lady to task
For having her lingerie muddled.

Luc's grandson came home on a whim
And the duchess was smitten with him
His nostrils so fine
Caused her to repine
That his grand-père had e'er seen her quim.

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