catherine's corner

disclaimer thingy: all of these stories are fan fiction, based on les miserables, which was written by victor hugo and published in 1862. the lads are vic's, not mine, but he's dead.


why? // a martin guerre takeoff, in which i poke fun at eponine angst. sense of humor required, kids. [gen, humor]

don't tell anyone // a reminiscence. short (but sweet) and unhappy (you're surprised?). [enjolras/grantaire]

angel of the barricades // a tale of feuilly and his beautiful, accomplished, spunky sister. marie-suzette, eat your heart out. *cackle* still in progress, to be continued whenever I feel sufficiently snarky. [humor, wip]

simple pleasures // enjolras seeks relief from the pressures of being a revolutionary leader. and grantaire is so very good at that sort of thing.... [enjolras/grantaire, humor]

quintette // five things that never happened to grantaire. slash, violence, and alternate universes. [grantaire/enjolras, enjolras/combeferre, grantaire/f]

faint heart // a drabble for combeferre, who didn't want to take up arms anyway. [humor]

anticipated // a moonlight tryst. a boy disillusioned. [enjolras/grantaire]

knight errant // courfeyrac off the track. [courfeyrac/claquesous]

chimera // courfeyrac meets a lady... of sorts. [courfeyrac/prouvaire, adult]

sunday's child // rest and relaxation. okay, mostly sex. [courfeyrac/bahorel, adult]

vigilance // what fate befalls an eavesdropper. [combeferre/courfeyrac/enjolras, adult]

resurrection // au: 1830 is a bust, and enjolras is fragile. [enjolras/grantaire]

annals // a year in the life of a red-blooded young frenchman. pure indulgence for the lovely rabs. [courfeyrac/bloody well everybody. slash, het, crossdressing, group sex]

lovers all untrue // enjolras loses patience. [enjolras/combeferre, adult]

touch me not // look maman, no hands! [bossuet/prouvaire, adult]

beautiful stranger // all cats are grey in the dark. [grantaire/m, adult, original character]


initium sapientiae // with quiara // a bittersweet tale of misunderstandings. [marius/grantaire]

initium sapientiae: outtakes // with quiara // sebastien and marius reflect.

julien et sébastien // with quiara // a love story. pretty straightforward: boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy regains boy. [enjolras/grantaire]

a wasps' nest // with petronelle lemaitre // these young men constituted a sort of family among themselves. a really dysfunctional, incestuous family. reader discretion is advised. [multiple pairings. *ahem* and various kinks]

wreathed in myrtle // with petronelle lemaitre // just how far will enjolras go to achieve his ends? [enjolras/grantaire, enjolras/m. DRPS, ack]