catherine's corner

a wasps' nest

a wasps' nest is a work in progress, hosted at diaryland. before you continue, let us speak a few words of introduction.

once upon a time, cathy was taking an afternoon nap. and as she slept, she dreamt that her beloved boys from "les miz" were gathered in the cafe, doing quite shocking things to and with and in front of their newest member.

and then she woke up, and told her friend petra, and it was all downhill from there.

the basic premise of a wasps' nest is, simply: they are so doing it.

all of them.

this is a story of an adult nature. there are not only boys kissing, there are boys doing a good deal more than that, in detail, and often. it is a work in progress. it is dark and somewhat disturbing. and it is not family-friendly. if such a thing appeals to you, by all means proceed.

a wasps' nest