catherine's corner

everyone has their own vision of les amis de l'abc. cathy is no exception, even if her glasses are a little warped =D

the mainstays

julien enjolras: only child of pierre enjolras, an entirely conventional gentleman, and his entirely conventional wife amélie. how they contrived to give life to the exquisite and highly-strung julien is a mystery. a beautiful boy, with his maman's soft fair hair and blue-grey eyes, his papa's stubborn temperament, and his very own eccentricities. he is sharp as a tack when it comes to politics, and when it comes to relationships, exceedingly clueless; which is why his only real friend is combeferre, who has extraordinary patience. alas for julien, no one has ever got around to explaining him the basic facts of life, let alone the delicate question of, er, peculiarities. hence, he manages to end up in bed (or at least in compromising situations) with grantaire without the least idea what he's doing there.

narcisse grantaire: clearly, his parents were either deeply naive, wildly optimistic, or possessed of a sick sense of humor. in any case, he lives up to his name only in the occasional drunken mumble about echo. (hi, echo!) as a young man in paris he took the bemused julien under his wing, and quickly developed a terrible crush on him, which led to a tragic misunderstanding. or else they met in a busy cafe and fell madly in lust. or something. it depends on what story he's in. he does his best to adhere to fanon: he drinks to escape the torment of his artistic soul, he's never thought about boys like that before he fell madly in love with enjolras, he gives terrific backrubs, and he had a younger sibling who died tragically of consumption (although the sibling in question was male. three and a half out of four ain't bad).

aimery courfeyrac: comes from an ever-so-snooty family, is well-bred, charming, gallant, and handsome. he has, however, an irrational terror of sleeping alone... so he generally doesn't. he'll try anything once, which makes him rather a popular bedfellow. his best beloved is daniel feuilly, to whom he offers house room when the latter can't scrape together his rent.

the angels

christophe feuilly: an orphan, because his parents died. a fan-maker, because it pays the rent. a generous heart, because if he wasn't, he'd have snapped and done serial murder long ago. christophe is a nice normal young man, unassuming and unprepossessing, who has the misfortune of being the brother and guardian of six faultless young women; none of whom, oddly, are named marie-suzanne. seraphine and celestine are now out of the nest; which leaves him to look after violette, a precocious cherub of ten; roseline and liliane, the pubescent identical twins, and....

angelique feuilly: glossy blonde hair, sea-green eyes, rosepetal complexion, nicknamed rather preciously "ange". she sings like a lark, reads poetry (probably in several languages; can't have her outdone by prouvaire just because he went to school), dresses beautifully despite having nothing to spend on clothes, has a green thumb, is sweet and kind to children and fuzzy animals, et cetera, ad nauseam. she will doubtless come to an early demise, and be mourned by all except for you, me, and secretly christophe.

marcellin enjolras: so far characterized only by his maniacal insistence on making people spell his name properly. he does not exist outside the angelique story.

the wasps

chrétien joly: raises the phrase "nevertheless, the gayest of all" to new levels of irony. no, but really, he is properly cheerful, although the cheer is often slightly manic. chrétien is a bundle of nervous energy and touchy dignity, and tends to stick like a barnacle to his best pal, bossuet. they sleep together often, but rarely do anything more than that, for chrétien does not particularly swing that way.

théophile lesgle: théo is a kindly, gregarious, lovable young man with a habit of taking fragile boys under his tattered wing. one of these is jehan prouvaire, with whom he has a continuing and adorably goofy love affair. unfortunately, he runs into some trouble between jehan, who is jealous, and chrétien, who is clingy. he has a heart of gold, but no common sense whatsoever.

and sundry

jeff courtney: aimery à la twentieth century.

jocelin doucet: looks like julien, sounds like julien, lacks any truly enjolraic qualities at all. dissolute to a point that would make a grantaire blush, but curiously innocent withal; to all appearances, a pretty, rather vacuous boytoy. or possibly not?