catherine's corner

she is a girl just under twenty, pretty but not beautiful, with flyaway ash-blonde hair and wide, sparkling eyes. she is small and delicate, dressed in pink and blue. she wears dangling earrings and tight jeans. she laughs easily, and types so fast that she forgets to hit the shift key. she scatters smilies and phrases of french profusely. she likes flowers, dolls, miniatures, nail polish, web rings, and probably anime. besides this, she enjoys poking fun at bad writing, and she thinks that the only thing cuter than a charming young man in waistcoat and cravat is two of them, cuddling.

also, she does not exist.

catherine lafontaine is the pseudonym I adopted two years ago, for two purposes: to write off-the-wall fic, and to mess with teenyboppers' heads. I have long since given up the latter, and had entirely too much fun with the former, so here is cathy, and here she stays.

yes, that is her in the banner up top. =)