catherine's corner

hello! welcome to catherine's corner, a wretched hive of slash and villainy. =) we're all mad here.

this is a fansite for les misérables, mostly featuring fanfiction of a dubiously reverent nature. here be boys kissing, alternate universes, and snark. everybody likes snark, right?

there should be a navigation menu to your left. if you enjoy your visit, please be sure to click the link to petra's page also. she is much like me, only infinitely cooler. =)

latest update! fixed the everlovin' layout so that it is no longer brukken. (what's that, you say? well, it was brukken in firefox. and now it is not. my cross-browser compatibility is pastede on yay!) added the latest yarns, namely "lovers all untrue", "touch me not", and "beautiful stranger", all more or less naughty and delightfully slashy for your delectation.