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June 4

[[info]outsideobserver] 05:50pm - Superboy would never do this to the future mother of his children!

So, I know Superboy fandom's taken a big hit ever since his publicist went broke and the Kid went underground, but some of us are still hanging in there. We're a pretty quiet bunch, mostly squabbling over eBay sales of licensed, signed Super-Boxers, or wanking merrily about whether or not Superboy could get Wonder Woman knocked up. (Answers seem to depend on whether or not the fan in question has a trapper-keeper with "Mrs Superboy" scrawled across it.)  [info]boy_from_krypton cares deeply and passionately about Kryptonian biology, and frequently posts long and biologically wrong-headed posts on his theories.

That's not the wank, though.

Superboy fangirls are flipping out over the latest news.  If you don't keep up with the lives of the caped and fabulous, the latest rumour is that Superboy is actually Lex Luthor's genetic experiment gone wrong, and has teamed up with Luthor to... well, who the hell knows?  Knock over some banks, or steal the moon or some shit.  I'm just watch the comm for the beefcake.

It hit the Capewatch, early Friday morning, but [info]elisabetoma seems to think that the reporters got it all wrong. In a deleted post (sorry, no screenshot), she flailed:
"He would never do that on his own!!! He was FRAMED by Luthor!!!! I can't belive that the media thinks Our Boy would have done nything like this, it's not true, it just can't be. It was somebody else and then they blamed him, you know it and I know it.

"We have to start a petition to get the reporter FIRED."

[info]metropolass doesn't believe that her pervy, underage crush could do anything wrong[info]Supergrrrrrl thinks that Superboy did it just to hurt her feelings.  (When capes battle, the real victim is internet fangirls!  The more you know!)  Wank is had by all. 

The mod has frozen the thread and Supergrrrrl has bidden fair-well to the cruel internets, so it's quieted down for now, but more wank could still break out when Gawker weighs in.

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